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Fenetic Drift Segway Review
Reviewed by Ionica Fane. Posted on 02-09-2016

I was very excited to hear that I was selected to make a trial to something which is very popular at this moment. I’ve been heard many things about the Segway self-balancing scooter- hoverboard. So many times when I was tempted to buy hoverboard but I not was decided because online market is now full and is very hard to take a decision.

Finally I was selected to try a hoverboard and send my impressions after few days of experience.

I expect to be a pleasant and positive experience and upgrade to my skills!

• Excellent handling
• Long lasting battery life
• Very good plastics quality
• Fast drive and sure response of all commands
• Tyres with excellent grip to all terrains
• Very fast charging time

• No connection with smartwatch or smartphone for information regarding the ride (highest speed, lowest speed, range, etc)
• Battery indicator is not metered
• No multiple ride mode available (beginner mode, medium, expert)

Fenetic drift hoverboard is an excellent way to have fun on weekend rides or daily use. Anyone can use it in just few minutes with little effort I strongly recommend it, is very easy to use.

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